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"So, how have you been?" Theta pulled away to hold her by the elbows. "How is New York treating my favourite relative?" It was sort of funny. For all the memory they had, Theta couldn’t actually recall the last time they had seen Susan.

"New York is treating your best relative very nicely." Susan promised with a light laugh. "What have you been up to? Still getting into trouble I presume." She asked with a small furrow of her brow.

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"Why not?" Theta tapped their foot, smiling. "Can’t wait to get away from me, huh?" They teased, pulling her into a hug.

"Good to see you again, Su."

"You’re a bloody idiot." Susan said as she embraced the hug. It really had been a while.

"You too Thet."


She’d lost it again. She was always losing it. Susan looked all around her apartment, flipping over every couch cushion, but yet finding nothing. After about fifteen minutes of looking, she decided to retrace her steps, starting with this morning. The blonde went back to the restaurant she was at for lunch and found the table she sat at. Just her luck someone was there.

"Uh, excuse me." Susan interrupted. "Uh, I think I lost a necklace here. Have you seen it?"

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"Just sayin’ but I don’t think that’s a good idea."

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sorry for being out.

i’ve been in the ER.

apparently having a period for a very long time is very bad— seeing as it can kill you from taking so much blood out of you.




            “Really? ‘Cause I think you’re wrong.”

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